Learning to be who you are—truly comfortable with who you are—is one of the hardest things in the world.

There are a million pressures and people putting demands on us at all times.

As women, we’re compelled to do it all, but we can be plagued with inner doubt, or feel that we are falling short.

Some of us struggle to navigate the complexity of relationships at work, and to be heard; to truly be thought of as a leader.

Expectations to be the perfect employee, girlfriend or wife, mother, friend, and even daughter can make us feel anything but!

And most of the time, we lose ourselves to this world that is constantly demanding things of us. We forget who we are, what we value, even what we want! More importantly, we forget to make ourselves a priority in our own lives.

I’m passionate about helping you take your rightful place at the executive table, and still have the time and energy to bring your best self home.

I know from experience that it can be different—drastically different!

My Story

I’m a woman who’s able to successfully wear many hats—although I didn’t always feel that way.

For many years I felt overwhelmed by the demands of my home/family life and with my career responsibilities and ambitions. I’ve experienced the complexities of trying to do it all. It’s been a juggling act of appointments and school events for my children, family commitments, and time for own self-preservation. Family priorities collided with work deadlines and I often felt caught in the middle – not succeeding as well as I'd like to, either. And my greatly needed quiet time (read ‘introvert’) was forever eluding me.

I know that these experiences are common to many women, and perhaps my experience even resonates with you. We juggle, we reprioritize, we keep trying to do it right. And we wonder why some women seem to have it all together and do it a bit better than we do. 

The answer is they have help – even better than that – they’re able to ask for help! They’ve made a conscious choice to ASK, and by asking you receive! Working with a coach has made all the difference in the world to me, and to how I juggle life’s priorities.

I’m still balancing my family and my full-time corporate career. And I have been fortunate to bring coaching into my career and into my personal life by becoming a coach. In 2012, I decided to embark on a new experience of growth that would allow me to expand in new ways, and decided to become a Certified Professional Coach through IPEC. I am also a certified ACC with the International Coaching Federation.

To me, coaching means being a guide on your journey of discovery. While I’m proud of my own accomplishments in life—and I know they are still unfolding!—being part of your journey is what is truly rewarding to me now.

If you’d like to see what working with me might be like, check out this page and get in touch!

Some fun facts about me...

Five books on my nightstand are...

  • Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest your Desires, Esther and Jerry Hicks

  • The Next Level: What Insiders Know about Executive Success, Scott Eblin

  • Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

  • Harvard Business Review

  • Points of You, Coaching Tools

(I love reading 3 or 4 books at a time! I’m an introvert until I need to be an extrovert.)



My top five favorite places in the world include...

  1. Sandy Hook, Connecticut – my happy place

  2. Carolina Beach, North Carolina – on the ocean, with my family

  3. New York City, Central Park – on a cool fall day

  4. Home – dinner time with my family

  5. The ride from Greenport to Orient, Long Island – all alone – because I need that, too!


Coffee or tea?

Coffee at Starbucks with Madeleine cookies...with my favorite girl (my daughter, E.!)



And a little known fact...

I love maps.

I love the NYC subway map, Google Maps, and even the old fashion map books. Give me a laminated map book and I’m happy. I have to know where I am in relation to home or to the nearest airport at all times. I never go anywhere outside the city without checking one! And I never check the weather before I travel.

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